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Club News 02 Nov 2014

John M proposes a new match for those members who have purchased 9mm service type pistols, such as berretta 92 f glocks  CZ and mp smiths, that would be shot on range 3 it would initial the 50 meter section shot at 25 and the two first two strings of 25 left out, and the rest would be shot as per service match strings and times handguns used must be out of the box standard with the exception of one mod ie trigger job or better sights no optic’s , holsters and mag pouch’s to be worn from hip line and back as per limited or standard division practical no speed holsters just service types if any interest let me know my email is

Further details on the new [ 9mm Auto Service] Holsters may be worn for carry only, start from 45 degree or ready position and will be shot on range 3.match procedure is stage 1  at 25 yards 5 shot target 4 prone,  5 shots target 3 sitting or kneeling, 5 shots RH barricade target 2 , 5 shots LH barricade target 1 this is  all one stage shot time is 160 seconds.       Stage 2 is at 25 yards 5 shots in 6 seconds 3 shots on target 1 ,2 shots target 2 . 5 shots in 6 seconds 1 shot tgt2,  2 shots tgt3,  2 shots tgt4.    Stage3, 10 yards 5 shots tgt4 freehand,  5 shots weak hand only tgt3  6  seconds , 5 shots  4 seconds 3 on tgt1 and 2 on tgt2, stage 4, 7 yards 12 shots with a reload unsighted 6 shots tgt1 reload 6 shots tgt2 , 57 rounds total a quick match so you can use your favorite TV pistol  Berretta 92fs  CZ,  Glock 17-34,  M&P Smith+wesson  and so on, so no longer just plink plate’s Wednesday nights come out and shoot a match on Saturdays and have fun with that wonderful 9mm semi auto, watch out for the new calender.

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