LRD on participation

Received from LRD:

With regard to handgun participation, the latest update is as follows:

Please be aware that as the full impact of COVID-19 is still developing, the extent of any future impacts on handgun participation will continue to evolve.

We are monitoring the situation carefully and are fully aware of the impact this may have on clubs and licence holders, especially the need to exercise social distancing. Please be assured that discussions are being held at senior levels within  LRD to ensure that the best endeavours of licensees are considered.

We are assessing our options at the moment and if we decide that a modification of current participation requirements is necessary, we will advise you accordingly.

At this moment in time, we remain fully operational and are following the usual processes.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this, please email the LRD and remember to refer to the Department of Health and Human Services for updates regarding COVID-19.

Appreciate this may not be the definitive position you were hoping before but rest assured no one will be negatively impacted by circumstances which will be out of their control.

Provisional licence holders should just sit tight for the moment, again we will put measures in place to ensure they are catered for but as this situation is quickly evolving I’m unable to confirm what those measures will be at present.