Range Rules (Stage 3 restrictions)

Stage 3 restrictions were provided by the Public Health Commander in the ‘Restricted Activity Directions (Non-Melbourne) (No 5)’ document released on 16th September 2020. 

Based on regulation Restricted Activity Directions (Non-Melbourne) (No 5) , this is now what the club can offer to members.. 

Range Entry

·       Do not attend if you are unwell 

·       Observe social distancing and good hygiene

·       Face mask/covering must be worn according to DHHS requirements

·       Range access remains open to key holding member

·       Range open for competitions max 10 participants

·       Gate remains locked while range in use 

·       No NORI’s

Range Capacity

There cannot be more than 10 persons at the club at any one time, but they can all compete in a competition on the same range or spread across multiple ranges

Signing in

·       Member bring their own pen

·       When signing in put an arrival and departure time

Indoor Ranges/building

Define as: indoor space means an area, room or premises that is or are substantially enclosed by a roof and walls, regardless of whether the roof or walls or any part of them are open or closed.

Therefore, the following areas must be closed:

·       Club house

·       Range 9 Air Shed

Compliant Ranges/ building

·       Range 1 Open

·       Range 2 Open 

·       Range 3 (Cannot use from undercover – use from 15m forward)

·       Range 4 (Cannot use the undercover firing line, must be outside)

·       Range 5 (Cannot use from undercover, use from 25m forward)

·       Range 6 (Cannot use from undercover, use from 25m forward – with a mobile Baffle)

·       Range 7 Open 

·       Range 8 Open 

·       Range 10 Open 

·       Range 11 Open 

·       Range 12 Open 

·       Back ranges are open; sign needs to be displayed. Stating “Front ranges closed whilst back ranges are in use”

Toilet block is open

Should you arrive at the club, there are already 10 members. Please park, and make your presence known to those on the range.  There are no time limits in place, however simple courtesy should make way for all shooters to enjoy turn taking.  

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email. Stay well. 


Committee of Management