iCore Sunday 27th June 2020

Going forward the Club intends to use PractiScore for all VAPA Practical, iCore and IPSC matches.  We ask that, if possible, in advance of each match you register using a link which will be provided below.  This will allow for a quick set up for scoring on the day, and will help us know in advance how many will be attending.

When registering you do need to have a PractiScore account.

The link below is for the upcoming iCore match on Sunday 27th June.


When you press the link it will ask you for some basic information – name, email and VAPA number.  We suggest for privacy reasons that you use your VAPA number as your surname.  For example Joe Smith with VAPA number 1234 would enter 1234 as surname, and Joe as first name.  The results will then show them as “1234, Joe”.

The link above is only for the iCore match on Sunday 27th June.  I will be sending links a week in advance of each match.