Duplicate PTAs

The Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) has identified an increase in the number of duplicate Permit to Acquire (PTA) applications that are being submitted. This means that applicants are either emailing their application to us and then forwarding the original via post or they are emailing, sending and contacting online dealers to lodge another application (usually within 14 days if they have not received their permits).This is causing delays in processing of applications as we need to perform additional checks to ensure that these applications are not duplicates. 

It is preferred that you send your PTA applications via email or lodge it through a licensed firearm dealer via the Online Dealer System. In the event that you choose to send your PTA application via post, please ensure you do not email the same application in as well.

More information about LRD’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response can be found on the Victoria Police website – firearm industry news and if you have any questions, please email lrd@police.vic.gov.au.  

The Bendigo Pistol Club is currently closed until further notice due to COVID-19.

Regional Victoria commenced Stage 3 ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions on Wednesday 5th August 2020 at 11.59pm. 

Stage 3 restrictions were provided by the Public Health Commander in the ‘Restricted Activity Directions (Non-Melbourne)’ document released on 5 August 2020. 

Based on regulation ‘Restricted Activity Directions (Non-Melbourne) , this is now what the club can offer (effective Sunday the 9th of  August) to members with a key for the next six weeks. 

Range Entry

·       Do not attend if you are unwell 

·       Observe social distancing and good hygiene

·       Face mask/covering must be worn according to DHHS requirements

·       Range access remains open to key holding member

·       Gate remains locked while range in use 

·       No NORI’s

Range Capacity

There cannot be more than 10 persons at the club at any one time.

In addition, a group on each range cannot exceed 2 persons unless they are from the same residential address e.g. 10 people at the range shooting in groups of 2 people on 5 different ranges

Signing in

·       Only 1 person at a time in the sign in room

·       Member bring their own pen

·       When signing in put an arrival and departure time

·       Sign in with Target Shoot (TS) – Don’t forget to put your HG serial number 

Indoor Ranges/building

Defined as: indoor space means an area, room or premises that is or are substantially enclosed by a roof and walls, regardless of whether the roof or walls or any part of them are open or closed.

Therefore, the following areas must be closed:

·       Club house

·       Range 9 Air Shed

Compliant Ranges/ building

·       Range 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 are Open

·       Range 3 (Cannot use from undercover – use from 15m forward)

·       Range 4 (Cannot use the undercover firing line, must be outside)

·       Range 5 (Cannot use from undercover, use from 25m forward)

·       Range 6 (Cannot use from undercover, use from 25m forward – with a mobile Baffle)

·       Back ranges are open, sign needs to be displayed stating “Front ranges closed whilst back ranges are in use”

Toilet block is open

Should you arrive at the club, and there are already the maximum number of members please park, and make your presence known to those on the range.  There are no time limits in place, however simple courtesy should make way for all shooters to enjoy turn taking.  

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email. Stay well. 

Should you require license renewals, VAPA Form 3 or Permit to acquire forms signed, you will need to email the club at bendigopistolclub@gmail.com

Committee Meetings will continue to be held monthly (externally)

Please do not hesitate to contact the club for further clarification on matters unique to yourself. We will endeavour to assist you where possible.

We anticipate continued contact by email and normal mail to our members over the weeks and months ahead.

LRD on participation

Received from LRD:

With regard to handgun participation, the latest update is as follows:

Please be aware that as the full impact of COVID-19 is still developing, the extent of any future impacts on handgun participation will continue to evolve.

We are monitoring the situation carefully and are fully aware of the impact this may have on clubs and licence holders, especially the need to exercise social distancing. Please be assured that discussions are being held at senior levels within  LRD to ensure that the best endeavours of licensees are considered.

We are assessing our options at the moment and if we decide that a modification of current participation requirements is necessary, we will advise you accordingly.

At this moment in time, we remain fully operational and are following the usual processes.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this, please email the LRD and remember to refer to the Department of Health and Human Services for updates regarding COVID-19.

Appreciate this may not be the definitive position you were hoping before but rest assured no one will be negatively impacted by circumstances which will be out of their control.

Provisional licence holders should just sit tight for the moment, again we will put measures in place to ensure they are catered for but as this situation is quickly evolving I’m unable to confirm what those measures will be at present.

Important news on current COVID-19 situation

Dear Members,

Today we received  confirmation from VAPA as a directive for all members. Please read the message below from VAPA President.

I believe this adequately outlines the future of Pistol Shooting over the months ahead until we are further advised.

We the  Executive Committee from Bendigo Pistol Club have also outlined some details below for your information.


“Due to the ever-increasing spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus and the new restrictions on social gatherings at non-essential venues, the Executive hereby cancel till further notice, all State Titles, Opens and club matches including the 2020 Postal Competition, Firearm Safety Courses, Coaching and Range Officer courses effective immediately.

We will continue to talk to LRD and the Dept. of Justice to obtain an across-the-board exemption for participation shoots for the foreseeable future, if that is not forthcoming, we will advise LRD that every member of VAPA will submit an exemption form before the end of the year.  This will mean that LRD will not only have to process 3000 participation reports but an additional 3000 exemption requests.  Hopefully common sense prevails.

Committee of Management meetings are also cancelled until gathering restrictions are lifted.  The Executive will continue to function as with most club committees by email and phone.  We will look at all new support initiatives released this weekend to see what support clubs can access in regards to covering wages, loans, rent, utilities etc. and will pass that information onto everyone. Our sport will survive this, of that I am certain.

The Executive will leave it up to the individual clubs to allow members to practice if they have access to the range, but they will have to abide by all federal and state government regulations now in place and those in the future.


On behalf of the executive I wish all our members and their families, good health and wellbeing in these unprecedented times and please keep in touch with one another, especially the elderly and those who live alone because we all need support sometimes, even if it is a brief call to say how are you.

We will keep you informed of any further developments as we receive them. “


The Bendigo Pistol Club would like to formalise the closure of the club until further notice.

Club guns will not be available.

All Handgun Safety training will be cancelled.

Members who do have a club key may attend for a Target Shoot or Working Bee. However you will need to be compliant with the Social distancing guidance.” Isolation Guidance”  www.health.org.au/covid19-resources.

Members must abide by current range rules when shooting at the club by yourself.

Should you require license renewals, VAPA Form 3 or Permit to acquire forms signed, you will need to email the club  at  bendigopistolclub@gmail.com

Committee Meetings will continue to be held monthly   (externally –  by email)

Please do not hesitate to contact the club for further clarification on matters unique to yourself. We will endeavour to assist you where possible. This will particularly apply to new members.

We anticipate continued contact by email and normal mail to our members over the weeks and months ahead.

*    This will also allow us not to run out of toilet paper in the interim!

Keep well

Kind regards,

Andy B.

F/T Committee of Management

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