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MISC ISSF Open 19-21st May 2017

Melbourne International Shooting Club had their annual Open on over the weekend and we had seven members attend and everyone came home with a medal! We took away a total of 14 Medals! Gold Women’s 25m

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2015 VAPA Results

AP – Team A                   14th RF  – Team A                   9th                                Ladies Air 40                   11th Jnrs 40                             11th CF                                   13th 25m pistol Jnrs                9th Standard Pistol                15th Black powder 50m          5th                     50m pistol                       8th Service pistol                  4th

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Social Air Pistol Comp

The 2015 social air pistol competition has been completed. Congratulations to all the winners and participants. Results are as follows: 1st – Jay 447 points 2nd – Ed 445 points 3rd – Julie 385 points 4th –

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