Range Rules

General range Rules
* Range officer is in charge on all ranges and all range commands must be obeyed.
* Designate a Range officer when not assigned.
* Know where other shooters are at all times.
* Unload, open action, remove magazine and bench all firearms with muzzle pointing down range during a ceasefire.
* Ensure all firearms and magazines are checked and cleared as being unloaded before proceeding down range.
* Do not handle any firearm or stand at bench where firearms are present while others are down range.
* Shoot only authorized targets.
* Ensure that range is clear of others after returning from down range after a ceasefire.
* Ensure that your shooting position is within the designated baffle area.
* Ensure that no daylight is visible between top of mound and bottom of baffle.
* Ensure that baffle comes into play if firearm is lifted to 45 degrees above waist.
* Ensure that ammunition is not fully jacketed.

Police have advised that they will be periodically checking our ranges to ensure that all members shoot from the designated baffle area and failure to comply will result in that person being charged.