Single Action


Single Action takes its style of shooting from the American West and the firearms used during that era, and are governed by the rules set out by “The Single Action Shooting Society of America”. This event requires competitors to use a variety of firearms, which include single action pistols, a lever action rifle and a shotgun, during courses of fire that the members take turns in designing. These scenarios are based around the Western theme with many possible ideas and variations being designed, and thus, each shoot is usually never the same as the last. This is part of the fun of Single Action, as members don’t know what they will be shooting until the day. This is a timed event with losses of 5 seconds for each miss and 10 seconds for a procedural mistake, so the emphasis for those starting out is to take their time and be as accurate as possible – speed will come with time and practice.

All you need is a cowboy hat to get started!
Contact our club, and let us know you’re coming. We will introduce you to the sport of Single Action Shooting. Following an introduction and if you are truly interested you will need your Long Gun (Category A+B) Licence to be applied for after you attend a safety course and test conducted by Victoria Police. If you contact your local police station they will able to tell you when and where these courses are conducted in your local area.

Your Handgun (General Category Handgun) Licence is obtained only after becoming a member of a pistol club and complete a 6 month probationary period. During this period you apply for a Provisional Handgun Licence and complete a handgun safety course within 2 months after receiving this Licence. After being a member for 6 months and have shot a minimum of 5 sanctioned matches within that period, you are able to apply for a full Handgun Licence.

In the First 12 Months after obtaining your full Handgun Licence you may only purchase an air pistol and one other handgun of either .22 calibre or a centre fire calibre.

Both licences have a 28-day waiting period before you may purchase a firearm-In the first instance-

The club is there to assist you in the process but bear in mind it does take a minimum of six months to get to the application stage

If you would like to make contact with us please email us at

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